My make up journey
dad with cute daughter beeing treated with lipstick for carnival

Welcome to AM Make Up

Hello and thanks for popping by. This is the first post of the site where I will give a brief introduction of myself and explain what we will be doing here on ammakeup.

My Name is Anna and I have been in the make-up and beauty industry professionally since 2016. Like most little girls I would play make up and hair on myself and my friends, whenever an opportunity arose to apply my Barbie pallet to a grow ups face I took to it like a professional make up artist. The results weren’t quite there in my youth but if someone was in the market for a hungover clown look I was your girl!

My make up journey

My makeup journey started just like this.

That passion turned profession in 2016. After leaving school I had a string of menial jobs in retails and the leisure industry, they were never satisfying and came with that Monday Blues vibe after each weekend. I am sure you can relate. It wasn’t until after having my first child and taking 12 months maternity leave to actually have the time and head space to ask myself some tough questions and one in particular was “Is this what I want for my life?”, the answer was a resounding no.

The next logical question was “Then what do I want for my life?” I wanted to do something that I love doing and something that brings value to other people. AM Makeup & Beauty was born, initially trading from my kitchen and ultimately moving in to my first premises shortly after.

Apply Makeup Tutorial

Applying mascara to a model

That’s my story of getting in to the beauty industry and I love it. It isn’t just about making people look beautiful. Beauty can be objective. It’s about how what I do makes people feel for me. People live tough lives and beauty treatments are a form of therapy. I love what I do with a passion.

On to this website. The goal here is to provide you with some very helpful beauty tips, some guest blogs from other artists and provide you with a nice list of recommended make-up products from Amazon.

I want to get to know you on social media and build a nice community of helpful people that aren’t scared to ask any question they need answering. If you have social media consider joining me below.